UnderPads 60×90

 underpads 60x 90 cm filled with absorbent material

Wet Absorption Disposable Underpads are heavy-duty absorbency underpads that allow keeping the user dry and clean
Underpad absorbs wetness quickly and locks it away to keep the user dry and comfortable

  • Provides discreet and stylish incontinence protection
  • Helps to capture leaks and odors
  • Free from latex, lotion and fragrance so they’re safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin

SHAPE : Rectangular Disposable Underpads
Size: 60 x 90 cm
Color: Blue
Material : Non Woven
Package : 10pcs/poly bag, 10 bags/cartoon



Underpads are often used to protect the skin of patients who are incontinent. These products effectively absorb moisture and present a quick-drying surface to the skin

  • Soft, nonwoven top layer helps prevent skin irritation from wetness
  • Water-resistant poly backing
  • This Underpad includes the wet absorption top sheet, allowing the fluid to pass through quickly to the core.
  • No leak, sealed edges.
  • The underpad has a quilted mat for enhanced fluid dispersion and mat integrity.
  • The underpad consists of an absorbent core with sealed edges to ensure leakage protection.
  • The highly absorbent tissue-filled center in the pad keeps the pad intact and locks away fluid immediately.
  • These absorbent pads effectively wick fluid away from the point of insult. The super absorbent polymer is evenly spread throughout the core for improved fluid management.