Video Laryngoscope

Video Laryngoscope for intubation 

The handheld Video Laryngoscope (VL) is designed for quicker & precise intubation. It provides a consistent, clear, real-time view of patient’s airway to enable successful intubation.

Both Reusable and Disposable Blades types  video laryngoscope offers a cost effective solution for video laryngoscopy

Key advantages :

• Optimal View
• Ultimate Confidence & Control
• Anti-Fog Design
• Better view of the larynx
• Reduced head and neck manipulation
• Less force required
• Reduced attempts at laryngoscopy
• Higher success rate than direct laryngoscopy when direct laryngoscopy fails



One handle with multiple blade options for Both Disposable Blade type and Reusable Blade type

          LED Monitor

  •                Size 3 inch
  •                Video Aspect Radio 4:3
  •                VEDIO Refresh Rate 30 Frames P/S
  •                Resolution 960*480
  •                Video Format PAL/NTSC
  •                Iumination < 350 lux

          Reusable Video Laryngoscope Handle

  •                Rechargeable Li-battery: 3.7V DC 2000mA
  •                Battery Capacity: 240 Minutes of Continuous Operation upon fully Charging
  •                Pixel: 640*480
  •                Depth of Field: 50mm-500mm
  •                Camera Chip: COMS
  •                Light Source: White LED

         Reusable Blades    :  MAC1,MAC2,MAC3,MAC4, MAC5 (MAC1 and MAC5 are Optional)

         Disposable Blades :  MAC1,MAC2,MAC3,MAC4, MAC5


             Blade             Length       Width      Application
         Mac2          113mm         24mm Females and  Children – Regular Airway
         Mac3          125mm         26mm  Males, Regular Airway
         Mac4          140mm         26mm Obese Patients, Regular Airway




  • The reusable laryngoscope handle is fully compatible with 3 size of disposable blades: Mac2/Mac3/Mac4
  • The LED screen is detachable and compatible with all modles of video laryngoscope by TUOREN.
  • Light self-contained, TUOREN Video Laryngoscope is perfectly portable for various clinical settings including OR, ER, ICU  and ambulance.


  • Detachable 3”LED Monitor
  • Flexible Video Laryngoscope System Configurations Video Laryngoscope Handle+Radio Transmitter+8”LED Monitor
  • Wireless Video Laryngoscope System Video Laryngoscope Handle +TV Cable + 32”Monitor


  • Rigid Aluminum Alloy Frame holding up to 500 Newtons
  • 2000 mA Rechargeable Li-battery Powering 240 minutes of continuous operation upon being fully charged.
  • 16G TF Card
  • Water Resistant design of VEDIO Laryngoscope Handle
  • Break-Resistant Blades


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