Uro-Count / Uro-meter

Uro-Count / Uro-meter – Urine Collecting Bag With Measured Volume chamber 

Adult Urine Bag with Measured Volume Chamber is specially designed to measure hourly urine output which is suitable for adult patients. This urine bag is equipped with a clear and transparent measured volume chamber which allows for accurate measurement.


  • Super smooth kink resistance tube provided with universal tapered connector.
  • Designed for accurate measurement of hourly urine output during examination of the patient.
  • Urine Bag is manufactured from extra strong sheeting to withstand during the long period.
  • Specially designed hook facilities for carrying, handling and holding the tube in upright position.
  • Urine bag attached directly with measured volume meter ensures auto over flow and convenience to empty the measured volume meter in the bag.
  • Completely closed circuit eliminates the risk of contamination.
  • With “T” Type Bottom Outlet.
  • Bag graduated in ml to indicate the quantity of urine collected.
  • Transparent sheeting allows visual inspection.
  • Available with DEHP Free Material.
  • Sterile / Disposable / Individually Packed
  • Chamber Size : 250mI
  • Tube Length :  150cm.


Uro-Count / Uro-meter – Urine Collecting Bag With Measured Volume chamber 

– The urine collection bag has a tube length of 150 cms

– The urine meter is directly attached to two liters capacity urine bag with overflow facility

– The completely closed circuit eliminates the risk of contamination

– The universal tapered connector facilitates aseptic catheter & urine bag connection