Closed Suction Catheter

Closed Suction Catheter :-

Provides safe and simple access to patient’s airway without disconnecting the mechanical ventilation and prevents cross-contamination.

Tuoren Medical Closed suction catheter is a multiple-use design effective in decreasing the infection of lower respiratory tract and reduces the mortality rate of nosocomial pneumonia and is  is designed for removal of bronchial secretions in intubated patients if they are on mechanical ventilation.

Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) is a hospital acquired disease, which can be efficiently fought when applying certain strategies. It has a significant impact on patient’s health, length of stay and hospital cost.   Closed suction greatly reduces the potential for contamination from the bacteria which cause VAP. Maintaining a closed breathing system is part of the ventilator care bundle, designed to reduce the incidence of VAP in the hospital.

Tuoren provide types of controller (machine end and connector patient end).

Controller: Pulley type   pull on/of with one hand and adjust the negative pressure

                Pressing Type   ergonomics design  easy to press  single-hand control

                Lock Type   ergonomics design  easy to control with lock function to prevent misoperation

Connector: Tuoren closed suction catheters are available for 24 hour or 72 hour usage depending on patient requirements. There are two length options to allow attachment to either endotracheal or tracheostomy tubes. 
      120° Elbow connector is recommended for 24h usage with injection port to aeroso medication ;

      90° Vertical Switch    easy to slide on/off ,can be disconnected for bronchoscopy;

      Rotary Knob Connector   in light weight   for 72h usage  with injection port to aeroso medication

      120° Elbow with baffle    the Baffle will spring back after  withdrawing catheter  For sealing irrigation

      Y connector  For pediatric   different OD for different ET tube ,color printed scale friendly to children;

Day sticker which easily identify change requirements;

Strong PU sleeve soft and no noise disruption;

Color-coded for specification identify;

Soft tip of suction tube reduces the damage to airway mucosa


Closed Suction Catheter

Closed suction system 24h

  • allows continuous ventilation during suctioning procedure, preventing oxygen desaturation and loss of lung volume
  • closed circuit preventing cross contamination and infection
  • double swivel elbow connector
  • MDI port for quick and effective drug delivery
  • one way valve for flushing catheter
  • catheter with clearly visible graduation and rounded tip to minimize the risk of trachea mucosa damaging
  • double black markings of catheter withdrawal
  • colour coded sizes of suction catheter
  • suction control button with built-in locking system to prevent accidental pressing