Triangular Bandage

Triangular Bandages Maxmed

The triangular bandage is made of 100% cotton.

INDIVIDUALLY BAGGED – Each triangular bandage comes individually polybagged in durable plastic to ensure it is safe and ready to use.

2 SAFETY PINS INCLUDED – Each polybag contains 1 triangular bandage and 2 safety pins, so you can easily secure the bandage in place.

MULTIPURPOSE – You can use this triangular bandage on any part of the body. As a head dressing to support fractures, a sling to immobilize limbs, a compression bandage, a cravat bandage, a sprain and broken bone support, or a dressing covering.

Packaged non-sterile in a polybag with two chrome-plated safety pins. Can be used for various of emergency applications.

SIZE – 90x90x127 cm


Triangular Bandages Maxmed

Triangular Bandages are multi-purpose bandages that are used to compress, and protect a variety of injuries. This product is not designed to be placed on open wounds, and is available in a variety of packaging options. Includes the bandage itself and two safety pins for use, excellent for personal and professional care.

A must-have item for any first aid training class, first aid kit at home, school, work, vehicle, etc…

  • Size : 90x90x127 cm
  • 1 Pcs/Bag
  • Non-sterile
  • Able to be used as an arm sling
  • 100% Cotton
  • With Two safety pins