Tracheostomy Tube Kit

Tuoren Medical Tracheostomy Tube With Inner Cannula Kit



Tuoren tracheostomy tube with inner tube- suction Kit is equipped with Suction lumen tracheostomy tube. Dual cannula tubes are much safer as the inner cannulas may be removed quickly in the event of obstruction and are therefore preferred for patients who continue to require a tracheostomy tube after discharge from the Critical Care Unit.

  • This kit features a tracheostomy tube with integral suction lumen to aid removal of secretions from above the cuff
  • The use of inner cannula allows it to be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals without removing the tracheostomy tube from its stoma
  • Supplied as Kit including Suction tracheostomy tube cuffed (percutaneous compatible), Obturator, 2 inner cannulas with attached 15-mm connector, gauze, sterile brush, plug, strap to fix the tube movement.
  • The 15-mm attachment is on the inner cannula and a ventilator cannot be attached unless the inner canula is in place
  • Used in long term ventilation


Product Code Size (in mm)
ITS0050 5.0
ITS0060 6.0
ITS0070 7.0
ITS0080 8.0