Tablet Counter-Pill Counting Tray

Right Hand Tablet Counter / Pill Counting Tray with Multi Function Stainless Steel Spatula.

A pill counting tray is a quick and sanitary way to handle and count pills. Pharmacy and home users can use it to verify prescription count accurately, avoid miscounted divide plenty of pills tablet, even capsule, into smaller increments. Also can count/sort small items such as buttons, seeds, beads, etc.


Tablet Counter / Pill Counting Tray makes refill tablets easier. No more pill on the floor.



1. Pour your pills to the tray.
2. Count how many pills you need, and then distribute them to the channel.
3. Close the transparent shield of the channel, and pour the needed pills into your daily pill box/organizer.
4. Pour the rest pills back to your pill vial.


  • Sanitary & Efficient: make it easy to Sort and count your pills without touching the pills or dropping them on the floor or chasing them across the tabletop. Hands will not touch pills in whole counting process, making pill counting work more sanitary & efficient..
  • Dual Channel Design: Channel in lower left corner is for pouring the pills/tablets into daily pill box. Channel in top right corner is for pouring the rest pill back into original pill vial.
  • More Flexible: Choose the straight spatula or L-spatula for your convenience. The hook in the end help you stab the foil on the top of the vial.
  • Ergonomic in L shape Spatula: Help counting pills more comfortable, especially for elder, hand disease patient & longtime working people..
  • FOOD GRADE & BPA FREE PLASTIC: Non-smell, Non-toxic, robust, heavy-duty hinges with metal pins for durability, long life..
  • Color : Classical Blue