Schülke mikrozid Alcohol free wipes

Schülke  mikrozid sensitive wipes

Ready-to-use product for cleaning and disinfecting medical device.

  • suitable for alcohol-sensitive medical devices
  • suitable for sensitive medical devices
  • ready to use


How to use:-
Thoroughly wipe the surface with the cloth and allow the active ingredient solution taking effect. Ensure complete wetting. Ensure that all visible dirt is removed before disinfection. Treat only small areas. The wiping area depends on the room temperature and the structure of the surfaces to be disinfected. Pay attention to hygienic aspects when opening and threading the first cloth. Make sure to close the lid after use. For professional use only. Any serious incidents related to the product are to be reported to the manufacturer
and competent authority. Not for final disinfection of semi critical and critical medical devices!



Ready-to-use Alcohol free Wipes for cleaning and disinfecting medical device.



The product is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting medical devices. Our specialist for sensitive surfaces impresses with its outstanding material compatibility. Sensitive materials are very common in hospitals, which is why mikrozid® sensitive combines high efficacy with excellent material compatibility. Even ultrasound heads* can be disinfected with mikrozid® sensitive wipes.