Schülke gigazyme – Enzymatic cleaner

Enzymatic cleaner for flexible endoscopes and other surgical instruments.

  • excellent cleaning power
  • non foaming
  • leaves no residue
  • economical: 0.5% dilution makes 400 liters in use solution
  • mix of enzymes and surfactants for enhanced cleaning performance
  • pleasant fragrance
  • CE marked
  • suitable for endoscope reprocessors, static and ultrasonic baths.


Application areas
gigazyme® is a highly effective cleaning agent based on a combination of enzymes and non-ionic surfactants. The formulation has been designed specifically for use in the manual and automatic cleaning of endoscopes. gigazyme® is also suitable for use in an ultrasonic bath. To ensure optimal cleaning gigazyme® will turn milky at temperatures above 32°C. This can be reversed by adding cold water and returning the solution to its optimal cleaning temperature. The ingredients ensure excellent material compatibility. The in-use solution is non-foaming and leaves no residues on machines or instruments.


Product Profile:-

When cleaning contaminated instruments blood can coagulate if the cleaning solution is too warm, as a result cleaning is less effective. A study was conducted to find the optimum cleaning temperature for blood removal. As only the effect of temperature was to be investigated, the cleaning tests were carried out with water. The results show that between 23°C (room temperature) and 30°C there is almost complete removal of the blood. However, at 35°C residues are visible. As the temperature increases, these residues increase.


Instructions for use:-

gigazyme® is a concentrate that can be diluted to any desired concentration. For manual cleaning within an instrument bath care must be taken to ensure complete coverage of all surfaces. Immerse hollow articles in such a way that air escapes completely out of the lumen. After cleaning take the items out of the bath and for further treatment rinse thoroughly and dry carefully. Dilute gigazyme® with tap water (e.g. 10 ml gigazyme® to 990 ml water =1%, 5ml gigazyme® to 995 ml of water =0.5%). Depending on the degree of soiling, 0.5 – 1% will be sufficient in most cases. In cases of extreme soiling the concentration can be increased to 10%.