Schülke gigazyme actifoam+

Foam for disinfection and cleaning of surgical instruments.

  • Disinfects and cleans in one step
  • Tool and personnel protection
  • A modern and user-friendly approach to the care of surgical instruments
  • Dense foam with high stability
  • Prevents drying of biological material on the surface of the surgical instrument
  • Thanks to a complex of three enzymes, it quickly decomposes organic residues

Place the used surgical instruments in the decontamination room containers (containers, disinfectant containers) and apply to the surface tools a continuous layer of foam, then close the container. Before
rinse thoroughly with the pre-sterilizing preparation from the instruments residual foam and organic load and proceed with reprocessing. The preparation is not diluted, it is intended for direct use. It isn’t intended for cleaning endoscopes, instruments made of aluminum, anodized aluminum, polycarbonate and galvanized surfaces.



gigazyme® actifoam+ is a disinfectant in form foam, with excellent cleaning ability. Highly active foam it also prevents the biological load from drying out on the surface operational instrumentation and tools during transport and necessary waiting times for the pre-sterilization preparation of the operative instruments.