Schülke esemtan Wash Lotion

Soap-free wash lotion with light scent.

  • soap-free wash lotion on a base of skin-friendly surfactants
  • gentle on skin
  • Allantoin protects the skin from dryness und irritations
  • with a subtle scent
  • dermatologically tested


Application areas:-

• for nourishing hand and body cleansing
• wash lotion before surgical and hygienic hand disinfection
• for mild and gentle washing of patients before surgery


Instructions for use :-

Hand washing:
Moisten hands with water. Put approx. 2 – 3 ml into the palm,foam it up with water, wash it, rinse it well and dry it. Generally ensure a thorough drying before the application of hand disinfection.
Partial or full baths:
Give required quantity (about 20 ml to 100 l water) to the water inlet.
Showering: Use in the shower similar to soap or commercially available wash lotion.


• soap-free, skin-friendly detergent substance (Syndet)
• contains Allantoin which has a soothing effect on the skin,
moisturizes and supports cell renewal