Oropharyngeal Airway – Guedel Airway

Oropharyngeal Airway – Guedel Airway

Oropharyngeal airway (OPA) is also known as an oral airway or Guedel pattern airway or simply Guedel airway.

An oropharyngeal airway  OPA or Guedel pattern airway is a medical device called an airway adjunct used in airway management to maintain or open a patient’s airway. It does this by preventing the tongue from covering the epiglottis, which could prevent the person from breathing.


  • Color-coded for size identification.
  • To facilitate suctioning from the airway.
  • To prevent the tongue blocking the upper airway.


Type Size
Guedel   Airway #000,#00,#0,#1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6.


Oropharyngeal Airway – Guedel Airway – OPA is suitable for removing airway block and keeping airway unobstructed.

It is mainly used by human to maintain the smooth of oropharyngeal respiratory tract.