Portable Multi-Rates CP Infusion Pump

Tuoren medical Multi-Rates CP Pumps are used in Postoperative Analgesia

This is suitable for ambulatory therapies that require a continuous, steady infusion. Common therapies
include: chemotherapy, antibiotics, pain management, and treatment of thalassemia. TUORen offers a wide range
of volumes and flow rates in both variable and continuous infusion.

it has been prescribed for your home infusion therapy and is designed to deliver your medication according to your personal treatment schedule as determined by your physician

it allows patients to receive intravenous (IV) treatment in the comfort of
home without being confined to bed. It is a disposable and portable elastomeric
infusion pump, also called an ambulatory balloon infuser

• Strong lightweight housing
• Not made with latex, DEHP
• Efficient particle and self-venting 0,2 μm filter that eliminates air bubbles
• Strong port connector with an integrated anti-kinking, flexible infusion line
• Consistent and controlled flow rate
• Thermosensitive flow regulator calibrated at skin temperature

• is a self-powered pump that uses the force of a deflating medical-grade
isoprene balloon to infuse medication via catheter
• does not require batteries or electricity
• ensures a silent operation without confusing alarms


it is a new type infusion pump which can is designed with four selected basal flow rate; it can meet the needs of clinical situations ,and Bolus doses are safely controlled by a predetermined lockout time.

  • The Tuoren Multi-Rates CP Pump is designed with four selected basal flow rate using the selector knob and is capable of providing effortless large volume bolus.
    Medication can be administered as prescribed by the physician and as demanded in large bolus doses by the patient for post-operative pain management.
    • Bolus doses are safely controlled by a predetermined lockout time
    • Integration of a secondary silicone balloon enables effortless delivery of a large  bolus of medication even through long catheters.


Type Volume Flow rate Lockout time Blous time
CBI、CBI+PCA 60ml/100/150ml/




15ml/h 、



10min/15min 0.5ml/time、1ml/time



  Easy to operate
                 The doctors may prescribe the dosage and choice the proper model of the infusion pump for different patients. When using the pump, besides the background continuous in    fusion, the patients can press the button of PCA (Patients Controlled Analgesia) set to administer their own pain relief when they are having pain.

  More options

   The disposable infusion pump can provide as much as injections for several days, ranging from 0.5ml/hr to 12ml/hr. It can be used for intravenous (IV) injection or epidural inj  ection.

  More reliable and precise

   The Disposable Infusion Pump contains a silicone rubber reservoir, together with plasticized PVC tubing, ABS tubing connector. The fluid path is latex free.