Portable Infusion Pump

TUORen Medical infusion pump for clinical infusion of liquid medicine.

This is suitable for ambulatory therapies that require a continuous, steady infusion. Common therapies
include: chemotherapy, antibiotics, pain management, and treatment of thalassemia. TUORen offers a wide range of volumes and flow rates in both variable and continuous infusion.


TUORen infusion pump is disposable elastomeric pumps with a hard case. It is used for the application of medication The pump has a specially designed balloon-like reservoir that is filled with the drug or fluid intended for infusion.


▸ Silicone reservoir allows air to dissipate

▸ Particle filter

▸ Easy filling and use

▸ Comfortable for patients

▸ Different types available:

   – Continuous Basal Infusion (CBI type)

   – Patient-Controlled Analgesia (CBI+PCA type)

   – Multi-rates

▸Patients can self-control the additional dose according to their own feeling to pain

▸ No battery or power supply required;

▸ Portable design, therapy not limited by body position and space

▸ DEHP-free

▸ Latex-free

▸ Disposable and Safe