NIV Silicone Full Face Mask Vented

PneumoCare Easy2Clean Vented NIV FF mask 


Easy2Clean Vented mask is designed to be used with single limb circuit BiPAP/CPAP machines.

PneumoCare’s Easy2Clean Mask is a Silicone Full Face Mask with easy to clean technology for use with ICU Ventilators or BiPAP/CPAP machines.

The unique mask design comes with an Auto Adjustable Frame and a Fused Dual Wall Soft Silicone Cushioning which not only provides exceptional comfort to the patient but also delivers in terms of quality and performance.

  • Flexible Angular Forehead Support for patient’s comfort

  • Auto Adjustable Frame to fit patient perfectly

  • Kink on Angular Forehead support limb eliminates nasal bridge injury

  • Fused Dual Wall cushion technology to eliminate leakage

  • Long-Life Stitched Headgear with quick-release headgear hooks

  • 360° swivel Elbow with flexible bellow pipe

  • Anti Asphyxia Valve & Bias Flow Port (Vented Masks Only)