neodisher IP Spray – Dr. Weigert


for Manual lubrication of surgical instruments, especially for hinged instruments.

Instrument Lubricant with regular use keeps surgical instruments operating freely and easily.

Performance spectrum:
• For the direct lubrication of surgical instruments after automated cleaning if the lubrication in the
washer disinfector is inadequate for hinged instruments or if there is no dosing of neodisher
IP Konz in the washer disinfector

• When neodisher IP Spray is used as intended, the biocompatibility of the treated instruments
is not affected. (Biological evaluation of medical devices according to EN ISO 10993-1).

Special properties:
• Based on medical white oil (highly purified mineral oil/paraffinum liquidum of pharmaceutical grade)
• Does not lead to encrustations
• Proven not to interfere with a following steam or hot air sterilisation

Application and dosage:
Spray neodisher IP Spray directly onto the instruments, especially on the joints/hinges.
Hold the spray can as vertically as possible.
For the spraying of sieves, please use the spray can with a shortened spraying tube. For this, the tube should be removed from the attachment and cut with a pair of scissors to the required length. Then put the spraying
tube with the shortened side into the spraying attachment to achieve an optimum spraying result that is not distorted by the cutting edge.

Paraffinum liquidum of pharmaceutical grade,
non-ionic surfactants, propellant gas