MAXMED Medical cooler box – 38 Ltr

MAXMED Medical cooler box – 38 Ltr – 2 to 8 °C –  for blood and vaccine transport with thermometer display





Maxmed Medical Cooler Boxes are designed specifically to be used principally as a stand alone
temporary containment or storage function where safe temperature limits are essential in transit,
or during use, for medical products including vaccines for human beings in the prevention,
treatment or alleviation of disease.

Item no.: LBF-B0038L
Capacity: 38L
Material: PP, Insulation: PU foam
Dimension: 620*430*410mm
Could source: HTBh410 : Q’ty: 2Packs
Cold life: Ambient temperature: not above 30 °C, Hold articles inside at 2 °C to 8 °C about 35 hours

Load vaccines into insulated carriers cooler box as following.

1. At the beginning of the day of the session, take all the frozen ice-packs you need from the freezer and close the door.
2. Condition frozen ice-packs properly, by allowing ice-packs to sit at room temperature until ice begins to melt and water starts to form. You should check to see if an ice-pack has been conditioned by shaking it and listening for water. This will prevent freeze-sensitive vaccines from freezing.
3. Put conditioned ice-packs against each of the four sides of the insulated carriers cooler box and on the bottom of the cold box if required.
4. Put aluminum foil liner into insulated carriers cooler box.
5. Put the vaccines and diluents in the pockets aluminum foil liner.
6. Close the cooler box lid tightly.