Infusion Combination bottle for Autohemotherapy

Infusion Combination bottle for Autohemotherapy – Ozone-therapy combined infusion bottle.

Autohemotherapy set, that carries all necessary features for a perfect therapy. it is a very light weight major autohemotherapy set that is very simple to stock, stow away and dispense as medical waste. It is made of unbreakable and ozone resistant material. It is integrated with: 1. Top extension with Luer-lock connection for vacuuming and ozone injection 2. Blood extension line with Luer-lock connection with a roller clamp 3. Blood filter 4. Two silicone injection plugs, the one on the top is detachable and the one at the bottom is fixed

Areas of application
• Minor autohaemotherapy (MiAT) as i.m. injection
• Major autohaemotherapy (MaAT) as extracorporeal haemotherapy
• Rectal intestinal insufflation
• Neural therapy with ozone/oxygen
• Local injections (subcutaneous injection (s.c.)),
– Intramuscular injection (i.m.),
– Intracutaneous injection (i.c.),
– Intraosseous injections (i.o. – only in dentistry),
– Percutaneous intradiscal injection for herniated lumbar disc (nucleolysis)
• Vacuum bag gassing/Extremities gassing
• Ozonised water
• Nasal reflex douche for tinnitus and sinusitis


Infusion Combination bottle for Autohemotherapy: –

Infusion combination bottle was specifically developed for major autohemotherapy and contains all required disposable items: infusion line with blood filter and roller clamp, gassing line and one injection valve.
bottle is manufactured according to the hospital standard and sterilized with ethylene oxide after packaging, which provides the greatest possible safety for aseptically flawless autohemotherapy in a closed system. The advantages of  combination bottle, compared to conventional vacuum glass bottles, are guaranteed patient safety without exception due to a fully aseptic treatment system, rupture safety, user-friendliness and time saving since all required disposable items are already included.