Dr. Weigert MediClean forte

Dr. Weigert neodisher MediClean forte –  Medical Instrument Disinfectant Solution 

Fields of application:
• Automated cleaning of thermostable and
thermolabile instruments including MIS
instruments and micro-instruments, flexible
endoscopes, anesthesia equipment,
containers and other medical utensils
• Manual cleaning of thermostable and
thermolabile instruments in immersion baths
or ultrasonic baths
• Also suitable for the manual and automated
cleaning of da Vinci Endo Wrist instruments
• Automated and manual cleaning of personal
protective equipment (PPE)1

Ingredients according to Regulation (EC) No
648/2004 on detergents:
< 5 % non-ionic and anionic surfactants
also: enzymes


Detergent, liquid concentrate

  • contains alkalinity donors
  •  contains enzymes
  •  contains surfactants

Excellent material compatibility, universally applicable. Residues of dried and denatured blood are reliably removed. A redeposition of protein residues is prevented.


  1. neodisher MediClean forte is available in two different 5 L canisters: article 405033 is designed for automated processes, article 405035 is designed to fit the canister console of the dosing units for disinfectants.
Container Content Item no.
Container 1000 kg 4050 03
Container 600 kg 4050 09
Drum 220 kg 4050 13
Canister 20 L 4050 26
Canister 10 L 4050 30
Canister* 5 L 4050 33
Canister* 5 L 4050 35
Bottle 6 x 2 L 4050 42