neodisher LaboClean FLA – Dr. Weigert

Dr. Weigert neodisher LaboClean FLA – Lab Cleaning Solution

neodisher LaboClean FLA is used in special washer disinfectors. The dosage depends mainly on the area
of application and the individual degree of contamination of the items to be washed. It is 2 – 6 ml/l.
Use suitable dosing devices. The water for the cleaning process using neodisher LaboClean FLA should not
exceed 0.5 mmol/l total water hardness. Residues of culture media must be removed prior to automated


Fields of application:
• Automated cleaning of laboratory glassware in
medical, biological, microbiological and chemical
laboratories, water laboratories as well as
laboratories in the phosphate, food, cosmetics,
pharmaceutical, mineral oil industry and other
industries as well as automated cleaning of
medicine bottles and animal cages

Performance spectrum:
• Removes stubborn oily residues and other organic
residues, e.g. fats, oils, starch, residues of felt-tip
• Suitable for the automated cleaning of commonly
used laboratory utensils made of glass1, ceramics,
stainless steel, plastics²
• Not suitable for light metals and non-ferrous
metals, aluminum, anodised aluminum and other
light metal alloys

Special properties:
• Universal application
• High cleaning performance and high dirt carrying
• High proportion of dispersants
• Free of phosphates, surfactants or oxidising