Neodisher EM – Dr. Weigert

Dr. Weigert Neodisher EM –  Disinfectant Solution 

Additive for emulsification or dispersion as well as foam suppression in special dishwashers in the cosmetics industry, research, pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry.


neodisher EM, in combination with alkaline and acid cleaners, emulsifies or disperses
undissolved impurities. neodisher EM emulsifies and/or disperses fats, oils, paraffins
and solid matter in aqueous solutions. neodisher EM also has an anti foaming action.
Glass, special steel and aluminium are fully resistant to neodisher EM. neodisher EM can
be used with any level of water hardness.


Ingredients: Ingredients according to Regulation (EC) No 648/2004 on detergents:
> 30 % non-ionic surfacta