Micropipette Tips

Universal plastic pipette tips are designed to fit a wide range of micro pipettes


Manufactured from high quality imported polystyrene, resistant to autoclave sterilization, Smooth tip surface, without any residue, ensure the accuracy of the transfered liquid.



High clarity and excellent water-repellent properties designed to keep sample retention within the tip to a minimum. The precise centering of the orifice at the end of the tip guarantees reliable directionality of the sample when delivered

Pipette tips are made of raw materials of high transparency PP material, They has excellent quality to fit for multi brand pipettes. In addition, The inner surface is smoothly , high transparent, tip is straight with high accuracy, and both normal and of low-retention for customer choose.

1.  We provide universal pipette tips and pipette tips with filer

2.  10 μl, 100 ul, 200 ul, 300 ul, 1000 ul, 1250 ul

3.  Adapte to various type of pipettes including Gilson,Eppendorf and other multi brand

4.  RNase-free, DNase-free,Human DNA free

5.  Non-pyrogenic, Non-Toxic

6.  Sterile method: Non-sterile or sterilized by Electron beamn/E.O.

7. Transparent or Yellow, Blue colors are all avaiable

8. Packing:1000 /bag,10bags/carton or 96 /rack,50racks/carton