Digital Hygrometer

HM60 Room Digital Hygrometer – for measuring the Temperature and  humidity level at home and outside


The best digital hygrometer for measuring the humidity level at home and outside. It’s designed with high accuracy for home. To keep everyone’s health at home, safe hygrometer can be used to measure indoor humidity. It can help to reduce the chance of contracting inside the house.

A hygrometer will help to measure the temperature inside the home and when it goes higher necessary action can be taken to control the temperature. By controlling the humidity in the house skin and allergies can be avoided.

Real-time and highly accurate measurements will be displayed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit with a 10 seconds interval it will be updated.

it can be used in home, office, kitchen, baby room, hotel, hospital, etc.


Install a outdoor temperature sensor, automatically displays indoor & outdoor temperature alternately in 5 seconds (only for typical models)

Temperature unit °C/F changeable

2 modes of time display: 12h/24h

Pointing function on each hour

Everyday alarm function

Calendar display function

Week display function

Temperature Range: indoor & outdoor -50~+70°C (-58 +158°F)

Humidity Range: indoor 10% 99% RH

Power supply: 1.5V(AAA size)x1 Product dimension:100x108x20mm

Storage condition: 20-60°C,20%-80%RH

Indoor & Outdoor Temperature Display, Indoor Humidity Display

Memmory Of Max/Min Value Of Temperature & Humidity

Clock & date display function, automatic exchanging in 5 seconds between clock & date