Derma Needle 34Gx4mm

Derma Needle 34Gx4mm

These Ultra-thin micro meso needles 30Gx4mm are known to be hypodermic and of very high quality. They are made of surgical steel because they are designed to be effective against the concept of “dead space”. Therefore, it will allow to enhance and optimize the treatment product you wish to inject.

• Specially adapted for needle mesotherapy treatments and intradermal injections.

• Sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, disposable sterilized Luer Lock connector.

• High quality and good workmanship guarantee

• Less pain for the patient

• Minimal bleeding Smaller puncture marks

• Sharpened many times in the production process, which allows for optimal penetration Easy insertion of even thicker products.


Derma Needle 34Gx4mm

Ultra-thin micro meso needles 30G x 4 mm.

These needles are used for mesotherapy injections.

Single Use Only
Sterile Non Toxic Non Pyrogenic
Diameter: 0.18
Gauge: 34G
Length: 4 MM
34Gx4 MM (Ultra thin wall)
Box of 100