CVP Manometer

CVP Manometers – central venous pressure for monitoring during infusion.


CVP Manometers are used for continuous or intermittent monitoring of central venous pressure during infusion. Central venous pressure is defined as the pressure of blood in the central venous system which is essentially just prior to entry into the right atrium.

  • Specially designed to measure and monitor continuous or intermittent, central venous pressure.
  • Manometer tube with graduations marked from – 4 cm to +34 cm and attached to threeway stopcock.
  • 120 cm long extension tube is fitted with female luer lock on one end and male luer lock on the other end for safe connection to Central Venous Catheter.
  • Sliding indicator is provided to record reading.
  • Moulded clamps with rubber strings are provided for fixation to IV stand.
  • Y Injection site/Latex OR Latex free rubber flash bulb is provided for extra medication.
  • Sterile / Disposable / Individually packed